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Tribeca Film Festival 2021 - World Premiere​


Bend Film Festival 2022 - Winner of Best Narrative Short Film Award (OSCAR® Qualifying)
Raindance Film Festival 2021 - Winner of Best UK Short Film Award
British Short Film Awards 2021 - Winner of Best British Short Film Award
British Short Film Awards 2021 - Winner of Best Supporting Actor Award, Tom Sweet
Norwich Film Festival 2021 - Winner of Best British Film Award
Aspen Shortsfest 2022 - Winner of Youth Jury Award
Rhode Island International Film Festival 2021 - Winner Best Actor Award, Himesh Patel
British Society of Cinematographers - Winner Best Short Film Award 2021, Tasha Back​​


Tribeca Film Festival 2021 - World Premiere
Palm Springs International Short Fest 2021
Nashville Film Festival 2021
HollyShorts Film Festival 2021
Warsaw International Film Festival 2021
Calgary International Film Festival 2021
Naples International Film Festival 2021
Bermuda International Film Festival 2021
London Short Film Festival 2022
San Francisco International Film Festival 2022
Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival, 2022

'A tender, delicate film that doesn’t talk down to the depressive mentality, nor makes a spectacle of it either, Enjoy is an ironic title for a mind frame that’s heartbreaking to experience, but suitably fitting for a film that treats its subject with respect.’

Patel has proven himself as an introspective and thoughtful actor, and when he discovers his own passions, his entire being changes. It’s a performance imbued with careful elegance. The film never wallows or holds our hand in a condescending way. It is refreshingly honest.'

'The direction and visual quality are brilliant, paired with terrific writing, the two go hand in hand superbly. Patel, Stewart and Sweet all give layered, touching performances that help to push the film’s atmosphere of honesty and understanding even further. It’s relatable, moving and sincere.’

‘Both genuine and heartwarming, while grasping themes of mental health, Enjoy triumphs in its small-life story… If there’s a Patel train, I’m jumping on right now.’

‘Filmmakers aren’t always able to present the topic so elegantly… Enjoy is wonderfully constructed, it’s honest in its representation of struggle and depression, and it reminds viewers that even in the pain, there is beauty.’


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